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Why BookIt.com is not the best deal

There's a reason why travel agents are still in business. Our suppliers are vetted and we are aligned with the best in the business. For sure "best" is subjective. But after this newsbreak, it is clear what "best" really means. 

Sure everyone wants a deal. But truth is, the best deal is the one that protects your interest, not the lowest rate you can dig up and find. Many people don't realize that while they prefer not to work with a travel agent, Bookit.com is one (yes, they are an online travel agent) (as are other popular online travel platforms) (also referred to as an OTA). All of whom receive commissions from their hotel partners.

Truth is, no OTA compares to the value you'll receive from working with an agent who in turn offers you a direct customer service connection, which truly is the best bang for your buck. Yep, no 800-black-hole number to call.

My friends, this is yet another nightmare. Bookit.com leaves thousands to fend for themselves, when in fact customers thought they had already paid for their travel plans once they processed their payments online on Bookit.com's platform. Read more about what is happening with this OTA in this informative article posted by The Points Guy. As this story continues to float around within my network of industry leaders and we share information to support eachother, I couldn't be happier to to serve my clients in this very unusual COVID-19 worldwide pandemic so they don't have to stress.  

Group trip to Egypt taking pictures in front of the Giza pyramids

The shocking difference between expectations and realities of vising Egypt

9to5 Travels just concluded our Majestic Journey to Egypt and first group tour of 2019. After lots of “research” on others’ experiences, the expectation was that the sights of an impoverished country would make us feel uncomfortable and unsafe and that the people would be harsh. I expected to feel as though the people lacked resources (food, clothes, and everyday living necessities, including toilet paper to name a few). 

Bryant Park

How to Spend a Day in New York

One great location to visit is Times Square. You'll find mega chain restaurants for dining, tons of shopping options that run the gamut of street vendors to souvenir shops to clothing and accessory stores, and so much more topped off with a huge city backdrop for sightseeing and good photo ops.

In between all the action, add in some still time in the park. You can start or end it in Bryant Park which is walking distance from Times Square. It is the perfect way to enjoy some relaxing moments while in the big city which has pretty scenery, good people watching and resting in between it all.


What I really thought of Thailand

For months I was planning a trip to Thailand. It started when I came across this crazy fare, $428 r/t, OMG. I did the obvious, spread the word to all my peeps and within a day I had six people with their credit cards and we snatched up the deal. The date we chose to travel was nine months away.



Packing a suitcase can be one of the most stressful parts of your upcoming travel experience. How will you make it through? Females, I assure you it can be done. And the way to do it - Carry-On. Just a carry-on – oh hell no - Yes Avid travelers, think you’ve got this - think again. We are giving our females the secrets to yourTravel Survival Kit - The Secrets to a stress free travel commute most comfortable travel commute ever. Tools you’ve thought of, uses you haven’t. 

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When I think of an island vacation in the Caribbean, I think of an island vacation that will wow me and relax me. Antigua became it for me. But, shhh, a little secret, I didn't think I was going to get that when I visited back in April.

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So you decided to go on a cruise and you are all booked and now you teter with the decision to add the Carnival cruise drink package or not. While you may not want to shell out more money than you alredy have, you do want to make an informed decision. So, here are some things to think about to weigh your options:

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Yep, style and travel, I love 'em both. As a lover of fashion and a passion for travel - I am constantly being asked how I do it, how do I have such an ever changing wardrobe and travel as often as I do? Here is my answer: It starts with a yearning desire. I get fixated over what I am interested in and I come up with a way to have both. I realized you can have nice clothes without breaking the bank and any extra will go toward travel experiences. Some people love to plan a year and day to get on a plane and head somewhere.