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When I think of an island vacation in the Caribbean, I think of an island vacation that will wow me and relax me. Antigua became it for me. But, shhh, a little secret, I didn't think I was going to get that when I visited back in April.

The beautiful island of Antigua is one of two major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Not many events or solicitations there had me wanting to go. Yet last April, I was invited by the Elite Island Resorts to visit their properties and while it wasn't on my radar to visit, I cannot wait to go back.

The Elite Island Resorts and Antigua overall left me with lasting impressions. Here's how and why,








To be honest, Antigua was never on my radar but after my first day there, I didn’t want to leave and cannot wait to go back. Immediately I felt a peace that I don’t feel often outside of the confines of my own home. What makes this island so special is the spirit of the people. Antigua is arguably one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Interact with any local and you’ll find the culture and spirit of the people are rich with culture and are as warm as their weather.










Looking to be wowed and motivated to relax, this is where you want to be. Antigua is home to 365 beaches each with stunning turquoise blue waters as well as lush mountainous vistas that satisfy all the senses.




Some suggestions on what to do in town, visit Shirley Heights for an unforgettable culturally rich night out. Shirley Heights has a magnificent backdrop with spectacular views overlooking mountains and marina, live music from local bands and musicians that play for hours into the evening. Those steel drums touched my spirit and had me dancing and moving, my friends had to pull me out of there. There's also affordable barbeque food prepared onsite and an inexpensive bar to keep the thirsts quenched. It’s an experience you won’t forget.










For another night out during your Antigua stay, take a fabulous sunset cruise on Mystic Catamaran Cruises. The crew go above and beyond, keeping everyone entertained and enjoying themselves with their DJ playing fun lively music and the cups filled with drinks. Of course, with a backdrop of the Antiguan waters, it doesn’t really matter what else is happening.




Start and end your island getaway at any of the dreamy, Elite Island Resorts. They are one of the most affordable all-inclusive vacations you could have and they have this vacation thing down to a science. Want the most value your money can buy, its all right there.








Looking to be wowed and motivated to relax, stay at any Elite Island Resort property. For sure this is where you want to be while alongside beautiful turquoise waters and a fully immersive cultural experience. For an island vacation in Antigua, contact me. My personal contacts there will give many added perks you cannot get on your own without paying an arm and a leg for.J