Middle Brother National Park

Port Macquarie

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Middle Brother National Park

A magnificent forest, Middle Brother National Park has glimpses of the coast to the east and native birds circling overhead. Visitors can enjoy easy trails, perfect for walking with children, and there are picnic tables. There’s excellent wildlife viewing both day and night, and intrepid hikers will want to pack the boots and GPS for exhilarating bushwalks. Climb the mountain for a scenic lookout over the Hannam Vale valley and South Brother Mountain. Sunrises and sunsets here are glorious.

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Port Macquarie is filled with activities sure to delight water sports enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, nature lovers and history aficionados. Enjoy a leisurely coastal walk, visit a scenic nature reserve, go fruit picking, or sign up for the exhilaration of skydiving or flying in a fighter jet. Whatever your interests, there are plenty of wonderful sights to explore and exciting things to experience.