Church of Saint John of the Hermits


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Church of Saint John of the Hermits

One of the finest examples of Medieval architecture in Palermo, the church of Saint John of the Hermits (Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti) is famous for its red domes and architectural design that was greatly influenced by the Arabs during the 12th century. This was originally a mosque that was later converted into a Christian church dedicated to Sicily's hermit monks. Walk along the pretty garden of regional plants and the ruins of the cloister.

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Thanks to its rich and varied history, Palermo and its surrounding areas are full of architectural treasures just waiting to be discovered. Many of the sights are conveniently situated in the city centre: in the Old Town, you'll find treasures like Palazzo dei Normanni, as well as the beautiful Santa Caterina Church, and the spectacular Piazza Pretoria. For a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, the beautiful volcanic island of Ustica is a safe bet and will not disappoint you.