La casa del Demone


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La casa del Demone

This bar has a very terrifying theme, as the name "La Casa del Demone" (Devil's House) suggests. The ambience is reminiscent of a horror movie cave, with soft lights, skeletons and a large bar with a big demon's head front and centre. Despite the creepy atmosphere, you can try some of the best cocktails in the city and you can even enjoy several delicious courses.

Bars & Nightlife

Turin's nightlife is impressively varied. You are certain to find something that matches your taste and mood. From the elegant bars located on Piazza Vittorio, to the alternative pubs and clubs in Santa Giulia and Quadrilatero, to the real heart of Turin nightlife in San Salvario — each neighbourhood has its own style. During spring and summer, local revelers enjoy the warm weather outdoors, on the large terraces of bars or simply in Valentino Park, sitting on the banks of the Po. Clubs usually open at around 11 pm, but the party really gets going from 1 am onward. Furthermore, if you are a real party enthusiast, you can even enjoy some after parties from 6 am until noon.