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The namesake specialty of Tamango is a must for whoever wants to enjoy a party night in Turin. The ruby-coloured Tamango cocktail with high alcohol content has ancient African origins, and it was imported to the city during the 1980s. The recipe is still a closely guarded secret: the obscure ingredients are thought to have hallucinogenic effects. This tiny and arcane bar is renowned in the entire city, making it a perfect stop-over before heading to the clubs.

Bars & Nightlife

Turin's nightlife is impressively varied. You are certain to find something that matches your taste and mood. From the elegant bars located on Piazza Vittorio, to the alternative pubs and clubs in Santa Giulia and Quadrilatero, to the real heart of Turin nightlife in San Salvario — each neighbourhood has its own style. During spring and summer, local revelers enjoy the warm weather outdoors, on the large terraces of bars or simply in Valentino Park, sitting on the banks of the Po. Clubs usually open at around 11 pm, but the party really gets going from 1 am onward. Furthermore, if you are a real party enthusiast, you can even enjoy some after parties from 6 am until noon.