Osteria Al Squero


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Osteria Al Squero

Al Squero owes its name to its location in front of Squero di San Trovaso, one of Venice's traditional gondola boatyards. It is a traditional bacaro — the term Venetians use for bars — offering a vast selection of cicchetti (small bites) and other snacks. As for drinks, you can order wine, beer, or cocktails like the typical Venetian Spritz. There is little seating inside, but people usually consume outdoors, on the picturesque side of the canal.

Bars & Nightlife

Bacaro (plural bacari) is the term Venetians use for bars. Traditional establishments featuring simple furniture and serving ombre (small glasses of wine) along with ciccheti (small appetizers). Venice has many good bars, primarily in the Dorsoduro district. However, it's not a party scene city. Youngsters and party-seekers often hop over to Venice's modern sister city, Mestre, on the mainland. In the summer, they prefer to travel to the seaside town of Jesolo, where they can enjoy tanning and swimming.