Yep, style and travel, I love 'em both. As a lover of fashion and a passion for travel - I am constantly being asked how I do it, how do I have such an ever changing wardrobe and travel as often as I do? Here is my answer: It starts with a yearning desire. I get fixated over what I am interested in and I come up with a way to have both. I realized you can have nice clothes without breaking the bank and any extra will go toward travel experiences. Some people love to plan a year and day to get on a plane and head somewhere.

I, on the other hand consume myself with where I can head to next. Having something to look forward to thrills me. Naturally, my mind is curious and when ideas enter my head, I figure out how I can make those opportunities a reality. That, my friends, is how I have always been, an optimistic soul, a glass half-full type of gal. I am naturally a seeker of new ventures.

The seemingly impossible, is possible and then the game turns in to how to set up the play. In my world, you can have it all even when you don’t have or don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. I discovered that I live by this principle: How can I make whatever I’m passionate about feasible and tangible? My next stop… Dubai. Yes, the United Arab Emirates people, and it was incredible. I photo-journaled my trip...see how I rocked my style picks.

Cute flats with a cute silk dress

Comfy and Sylish

I must say, if you ever contemplated a new place to try, definitely consider the UAE. My friends and I pooled together and we were on our way. The trip was a combination of tours and venturing off on our own. Not once did we feel unsafe, we learned in-fact that crime is rare and it's quite safe.

The culture appears traditional yet the industrial-complex is ultra-modern. The people speak English and you can dress however you like (as you can see from my travel fashions) with the exception of the mosques. Everything is grand but accessible at the same time, even affordable. I would go back in a heartbeat. I say put your money toward your favorite things and look good while at it.

In the Burj Khalifa
Dresses from 925.Style
Dubai Maria Mall