Light-Rail Travel

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Light-Rail Travel

Jerusalem’s single light-rail line is useful (if it's going your way) and pleasant (if it's not rush hour). It runs from Pisgat Ze’ev in the far northeast of the city, via French Hill, Damascus Gate, Jaffa Street, the Central Bus Station, over the Bridge of Strings, to Mount Herzl in the southwest. The trains operate Sunday to Thursday between 5:30 am and midnight. On Friday and Jewish holiday eves, the last train leaves from either terminus about two hours before sunset, and service resumes on Saturday about an hour after dark. Route details and updated schedules are available online in English. Single tickets (NIS 5.90) can be purchased from machines at each station platform using cash shekels or a credit card, but the process is a bit cumbersome. Validation in the train of the ticket or Rav Kav card must be done immediately on boarding.


Jerusalem Light Rail. 073/210–0601;


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